Innovations in Indulgence

Paris Baguette IndulgenceThe saying “there’s always room for dessert” has taken on new meaning in the 21st century. While dessert used to be an after-dinner treat, it has become an all-day phenomenon as the definition of dessert expands to include breakfast pastries and personal-sized, anytime treats.[3] The busy ovens of your Paris Baguette franchise and service across multiple day parts will help you satisfy the public’s appetite throughout the day—and possibly create some new cravings.

The French have long set a high standard for baked indulgences. But these days much of the innovation and growth in the patisserie field is being driven by bakeries like Paris Baguette that are experimenting with new flavors and forms.[4] And hybrid pastries (such as Paris Baguette’s unique tiramisu pastry) are “rapidly en route to being the next big thing in baked goods.”[5]  With our inventive international twists on French baking, Paris Baguette is clearly onto a sweet trend! And of course, we’re all about savory flavors too with fresh and creative sandwiches, soups, salads and other café/bistro fare available for customers.

Flexibility on a Firm Foundation

Opening an on-trend food business is exciting enough—but to be able to build your franchise on a firm, existing foundation while tailoring it to your strengths and your community’s needs is a recipe for fulfillment!  There are many benefits to joining the Paris Baguette franchise program:

  • A global organization with decades of experience in foodservice and menu development, store operations and growth across multiple continents.
  • A corporate team that’s committed to innovating new ideas and new products to continually increase customer satisfaction.
  • A strong, time-tested concept with internationally recognized branding and centralized systems for kitchen procedures, quality control and marketing.
  • Flexible formats, from approximately 2,500-square-foot bakeries to more compact café versions that work in a variety of locations, including malls, suburban shopping centers, urban cores, residential and commercial settings and many others.
  • Numerous ways to maximize revenue potential: A wide-ranging menu with morning, noon and night appeal; relaxed dine-in space and handy take-out service; gift cakes; seasonal specialties; and more.
  • The choice of actively owning and operating a single store or developing a group of stores: Paris Baguette has a franchise opportunity for a variety of franchise ownership profiles.

Imagine creating a new focal point in your community that’s a bright spot in your customers’ days. If you like the idea of purveying premium baked goods and beverages in a comfortable and stylish gathering place, you may be ready to seize the opportunity of owning a Paris Baguette franchise!

Paris Baguette Store Interior