Support That’s Magnifique!

At Paris Baguette, we’ve staked our reputation on eye-popping and delectable breads and pastries, as we’ve established a world-wide presence and conveyed our brand standards through thousands of locations. But it’s behind our display cases that you’ll find the real soul of the business:  The people who create and serve our products.  The Paris Baguette corporate team is invested in the personal and professional well-being of our employees and franchisees, not just to increase growth potential but to help each individual thrive.

To make sure our franchise owners have a rewarding experience while operating the best cafés possible, our team offers these forms of support:

  • Pre-opening training program at our corporate training center as well as on-the-job training for operating principals, store managers and bakers.
  • On-site assistance from a Paris Baguette representative who will help you get your store up and running; written evaluations will outline any required action plans to improve operations.
  • Site selection and build-out guidance to ensure optimal location and consistency of brand design and appearance.
  • Assistance with ordering initial inventories and introduction to vendors with whom Paris Baguette has longstanding alliances.
  • Access to proprietary bread and pastry dough for baking onsite and exclusive recipes for menu items that are made to order.
  • Advertising and marketing assistance in the form of branding, signage and promotional guidelines to help you reach your community and conform to the established Paris Baguette image.
  • Confidential operations manual that details key daily business functions including the important areas of inventory control, bakery procedures, customer service and more.
  • Access to our parent company’s proprietary POS software for processing customer orders, tracking inventory, computing taxes, handling coupons and gift/loyalty cards and uploading data to corporate.
  • Ongoing support, which may include refresher training, remote support and updated recipes, packaging, marketing materials and more – to help keep your business fresh and relevant.

Just as the Paris Baguette team supports you for the long term, you’ll be investing in your own team of managers, bakers and servers. Whether you have one franchise café or several, if you can bring strong leadership and coaching abilities, good communication skills and knack for problem-solving to the table, the Paris Baguette franchise program can provide the systems, tools and business model you need to run an efficient and fulfilling franchise.

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