French, Fresh, and Stylish

Paris Baguette Interior Illustration

Paris Baguette serves a variety of fresh and delicious signature menu items.

From the Traditional…

  • French pastries & cakes
  • Baguettes & sandwiches
  • Espresso & coffee drinks

To the not so Traditional…

  • Sweet rice doughnuts
  • Green tea mojitos
  • Croquettes
  • Royal pudding (in its own keepsake milk bottle!)
And many more globally inspired treats in our unique, convenient environment!

“We regard France as the spiritual home of our bakery products.”[2]

Join Paris BaguetteThat’s how Paris Baguette founder Young In Hur has described the core of our concept.  From traditional baking techniques to Parisian décor and presentation, the Paris Baguette experience is authentically French … but with innovative touches that keep it fresh.

Think of a bakery and café concept that combines the best of all worlds—that’s your Paris Baguette franchise. Customers will be treated to gorgeous display cases overflowing with a variety of perfectly baked bread and pastries, artful layer cakes and rich, fruity desserts. Your expert baristas will craft hot or iced espresso drinks to go with customers’ selections, and your staff will prepare meals of savory baguette and croissant sandwiches, house made soups, salads and more. All of this is in a sophisticated setting where servers in Breton striped shirts and berets anticipate every guest’s needs; where bakers can be seen tending their ovens and dough; and where artistically-designed custom packaging further conveys the Paris Baguette brand identity.

Paris Baguette has a contemporary feel that sets it apart from tradition and from other cafés. For instance, in some locations, customers can use tongs to select the exact pastries or other fresh items they want, filling their trays at their own pace; in others, they can be served by staff.  Most of your menu options will be available for grab-and-go, but settling in with a cup of carefully sourced coffee is always encouraged at Paris Baguette.  Globally-inspired confections, packaged gift items, monthly and seasonal offerings give you multiple potential ways to build on the Paris Baguette concept.

A Fully Developed, Refined Brand

Paris Baguette Signage

The distinctive neon Paris Baguette sign, complete with Eiffel Tower logo, communicates high quality, consistency and a memorable experience to a broad customer base in over 3,000 locations in Asia and North America.  European-style coffee and pastries may be familiar to consumers, but Paris Baguette takes that model to new levels with the variety on our menus, the meticulous quality of our baked goods and our attentive customer service.

Franchisees will also appreciate Paris Baguette’s positive corporate culture and long history of product refinement and innovation.  We believe we’ve created an efficient, easy-to-replicate concept that will let you focus on providing a comfortable spot for food lovers in your community, Francophile or not.